ACROPOLIS Rubys Jewellery

The trademark of the city, is the number one attraction in Athens. Entering the archaeological site, we see the complex of the Propylaea. In front of the right wing is the small temple of Athena Nike. The gaze of all, however, is drawn by the Parthenon, a temple made almost entirely of Pentelic marble, dedicated to Athena, inside which was her golden-ivory statue. Right across from the Parthenon, on the north side of the Acropolis stands the Erechtheion, the temple of the famous Caryatians, where six marble daughters replace the columns. Exiting the archaeological site on the right, there is a rock, the Arios Pagos, the seat of the most ancient court in Athens. This is where Apostle Paul spoke in 52 AD. for Christianity. Climb the stairs and enjoy the city’s view from above.